Genesis Chapter 2:15-3:1-24 – The Corruption of All Things Part 3

God and the home



      The future is determined by what we do today                                Especially for our children                            

Deuteronomy 6:1-7                           

Colossian 3:18-41                             

Psalms 127           

Ephesians 5:22-6:9   


      Our values come from generation to generation                                                         

            1) The close family (extended family)                                                           

            The first family consisting of siblings and aunts and uncles      living together                                                         

            2) The Nuclear family (reduced)                                                       

            “Reduced from extended family to the bare minimum of husband, wife, kids”       Reduced because of the need for manufacturing jobs to make it                                                      

            3) The fractured family (now)                                                             

            “Single parents, children out of control, society is bad”                                                                

      God established the family unit before anything else                                                                      

            Genesis 1

Families must determine priorities                 



“””Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”””


      Matthew 6:10          

            Let God infuse His priorities into ours through prayer and fellowship

            Through time His priorities will become our priorities

            God’s will in my life is reflected by each day by my priorities


      Godly priorities


            A) Personal

            A personal relationship with God


            B) Partner

            My relationship with my wife


            C) Parent

            My relationship with my children


            D) Pastoral

            My relationship with the church and the outside world


      1)Priorities need to be scripturally sound and culturally relevant              Jesus was consistently obedient to scripture yet His words were spoke to the culture of those times as well as ours


      2)Priorities must be essential (basic) to us                               

            Evident in our lives so that we are able to teach our children to draw near to God             Psalms 22


      3)Priorities must be personal for us                              

            Consistent in our lives          


            A) Reverence for God                            

            B) Authority of scripture                           

            C) Witnessing to others                        

            D) Being a friend                               

            E) making wise decisions in God’s will                                   

            F) Persistent prayer


Priorities produce patterns                                           

      Priorities must be right to produce right patterns                                        

            Don’t confuse the ends with the means


      1)   Our patterns of behavior should build bridges to others                               

            and not barriers                            

      2)   Our values will not be the same as the worlds                        

            Our loyalty (values) are determined by Jesus and not others             

      3)   My values will be different than my parents                             

            My children’s values will be different than mine when they grow up Life has a way of teaching us                               

            Our growth and maturity should grow with us                               

      4)  What are the ultimate consequences of our patterns                            

            “If I smother my children, they will never be able to function in the world”                           I can’t always make their choices for them                                

      5)   Our task as parents                             

            To help our children learn to make good Godly decisions


Patterns produce priorities                                                     

      Right patterns produce Godly purpose  


      1)  The purpose of the family unit                                             

            We as parents need to establish goals for our children                                        

      2)  There is no more important ministry then that of the family                              The family is the core of values in America


      3)  God is the creator of the family                                         

      He is the center and the foundation. We can’t build a family if we ignore biblical truth                                                   

      4)  God is the sustainer of the home                                           

      He works through every member of the family                                                

            A) Designer                                       

            B) Builder                                         

            C) Sustainer


      5)   Only with Jesus will we be able to have a marriage that is right                                             

      Husband Old English – House band – Band that holds the house together                           

      Like the metal bands that hold barrels together                                             

      The husband has a God ordained place to make sure his wife and family         

       are taken care of in every way.

      Like Jesus cares for the church (1Peter 3:7)                                              

      He is our example in all things (Ephesians 5:25)                                                                  

      1)  The husband has a priestly responsibility                                                  To minister to the spiritual needs of the family                                                            

      2)  The husband provides for his family

      By working to support the needs of my family                                                                  

      3)   The husband protects the family                                         

By making sure my family (esp. my wife) has a warm safe house to dwell in that provides each member with every need met to be the best they can be.

My love for my wife and children in the home should be my biggest priority.

I should create an environment where they would be able                                    

to grow as they should in love without feeling threatened by me or stronger in their walk


Be considerate – dwell – To reside in a family relationship.

Dwell or reside also has to do with fulfilling sexual duties                                      

The husbands God given role is to take care of every aspect of his family            

I am to know my wife as intimately as Jesus knows the church                                                                                         

1)   Know her interests                                                         

2)   Know her needs                                                              

I should provide her with a spirit of:                                                               




      I should support her with:                                                              

      Physical support – uplift her                                                              

      Emotional support – her happiness                                                             

      Material support – her security                                                                

Be courteous – Grant her honor as a fellow heir A woman is not less than a man she is just different. We are help mates to each other. We should appreciate each other in tenderness and courtesy                                                               

Be companiable – Be a companion. We should be not only great      lovers but great friends. Our greatest honor and relationship is the one      between the husband and wife


      Wife   Old English – Weaver – Weaves the house together                                             


      4 essentials for the home

      A Christian home is a team working together in love                                                                      

      Where each member lifts the others needs above their own                                                             

      1)       Redemption    What the parents think about God and the price Jesus paid Redemption is manifest in a Godly home. Marriage is the union of a man and woman. A husband and wife get closer together as they each get closer to God                                                                  

      2)  Roles      Where roles are mastered.

      Each member functions in the role that God has designed                                                               

      3)      Relationship Where relationships are formed                                         

      The interaction of each member to the other                                                                    

      “Example: husband to wife, father to children”  


4)      Responsibility Where responsibility in the family is met                             

       Where each member accepts responsibility                                     

        Submission in the Christian home                                                                                       1Peter 3:1-7   


Submission            We have the unique privilidge of being in submission in Jesus.

We have the freedom to be able to respond to others and to minister to their need so that self does not get in the way                                                                                                                            

            Jesus is our main example of submission                                              Galatians 3:28                           

            1Peter 2:11                                                                                        

             As a citizen to government                                                                                      

             As a servant to his master                                                                              

             The degree of submission in marriage–looking to Jesus                                                                                      

      “Jesus – 1Peter 3:7, Colossians 3:18-4:6, 1Corinthians 7:1-16”                                                                                           

            Submission for the husband and wife                                                                               

      No one is higher than the other in Christ. Man is head of the household by God but both are one.

      The two together are centralized by love                                                                                               

      1Peter 3:1-6: – Submissive love – by the wife                                                                                                   

      The wife is not commanded to love her husband but the husband is                                                                                               

      1Peter 3:7 – Supportive love – by the husband                                                                                           

      The husband gives supportive love if he wants submissive love                                                                                                    

      Ephesians 5:22-6:9 – How a Christian husband is to act toward his wife                                                                                             

      Which can only come through the Spirit of God                                                                                                

      How a man treats his wife is how he truly believes Jesus treats the church                                                                                               

      A Christian home is God’s testimony of saving faith to the community                                                                                             

      It shows what faith in Jesus should be like                                                                                                     

      Understand the needs of your spouse                                                                                  

      Jesus gives us the freedom to serve and minister to others through love                                                                                                    

      3 character traits of a Christian in the home


            1) Godly conduct         (1Peter 3:1-2) Not just words –                                                          

      Let your faith become so much of your lifestyle that people                                                                                                 

      know who is in you. Behavior patterns that produce a Godly lifestyle                                                                                               

            2) Godly character          (1Peter 3:3-4) Far more important than fashion                                                           

      Dress to compliment the hidden man and worry about the inward                                                                                               

      more than the outward. Dress modestly and try to please                                                                                                 

      your husband or wife in the way you dress.                                                                                          

            3) Godly confidence  (1Peter 3:5-6) Not cowardice                                                      

      Show God through our actions and our speech to others       


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I am a father of 2 wonderful children and the husband of a beautiful woman who has taught me more about compassion for goofballs than I could have ever learned. I have know Jesus for many years but about 5 years ago I truly met Him and now I do my best to follow Him as I walk in this world
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