Genesis Chapter 2:15-3:1-24 – The Corruption of All Things Part 7

The sin of Adam


He became the first sinner (Genesis 3:6)

Romans 5:12


He attempts (at first) to hide his nakedness from God (Genesis 3:8)

We have the first example of man made religion in history. They tried to cover themselves with fig leaves. Religion is any attempt to clothe ourselves apart from the righteousness of Christ. Adam and Eve tried it with fig leaves. Men today try it with education, church membership, baptism, tithing, confirmation, good workd, secret rituals, etc, but all to no avail

Isaiah 64:6

Luke 18:11-12


Christ cursed the fig tree and He denounced religion right after that(Mark 11:12-19). Religion merely covers our sins and it will separate us from God. God searched for man in the garden not man searching for God.


Genesis 3:9

Where are you?


Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil and now something had happened. Something was now different between God and man. Adam and Eve knew they were naked and they became embarrassed when they heard God in the garden. So God asks them this question. He didn’t need to know what they had done. He didn’t need to know where they were but man did. Adam needed to know what he had done and he needed to realize it. Sometimes we are oblivious to something that we are doing or have done while we are in the very act of doing it and sometimes we need to speak it, to talk about it to realize what we have been doing. To realize what we have done. This even goes with sin in our lives. Adam needed to know that he had sinned. He needed to know that he had broken fellowship with God and that this fellowship was lost. Now man was in a fallen and sinful state. Of course Adam did realize what he had done and instead of taking the blame he reacted in a way that we all do from time to time. He played the blame game. He told God that it was God’s fault because He had given him the woman.

Am I that way?

Are you?

Do we blame everyone else instead of ourselves. We are told to confess our sins and He will forgive us. He won’t beat us over the head with them. He won’t bring them up again later when we are in a good mood. He won’t dwell on them. (One of the greatest things about the way Jesus dealt with people was that He didn’t dwell on their sins, He dealt with their sins but He didn’t dwell on them)

We need to come to the Lord with a right heart. A heart that is not interested in blaming others. A heart ready to confess and repent and receive renewed fellowship with Him.

So where was Adam?


Was he too busy working? 

Where was Adam?

Where was he when Eve was tempted by the serpent?

Was he too busy working?

We all need to work but sometimes we take it to the extreme. I know I did. Many times men feel that work defines them and while an honest days work is good for man, it should not take all his time and energy. I worked alot for a long time. I felt that it was my duty to work and that I had to be at work because things would not get done right without me. I spent long days and some weekends working, thinking that I was helping my family out by making so much money, yet all the while I was actually cutting myself off from my family. I was staying away so I didn’t have to bother with them. I put work before them every time. No question. That does not happen now. I work every day of the week, I do the best I can and I work as though I am working for the Lord but I don’t bring it home and I put my family before work.


What did Adam teach at home?

Did he teach what God said or what he thought God should have said?

Eve added to God’s Word when she had dialogue with the serpent. She added “Do not touch it (the tree) lest you die!”

Where did she get her information? Did she decide this or was she taught by Adam?

Of course we don’t really know but it can help us realize just how much responsibility men and women have in teaching in the home.

If this originated from Adam then she never had a chance. The serpent was able to use this to trick her. You see this is what happens when we try to add legalism to God’s Word. We start out with the right idea. We say “Well God says that women should wear dresses and so I will make it so that all women can wear in church is dresses and if they wear a dress suit or pants, well I will kick them out.”

Or the same with makeup, or music, or men having to speak in wear certain things or pass certain strange tests before being able to teach or preach. The list could go on and on. The problem is that when we put restrictions on ourselves outside of God’s Word. When we want to add to God’s Word to make things even better, we set ourselves up fot trouble because we or others will eventually revolt against whatever has been set up to supposedly help us out.


Where was Adam?

Where am I?

Where are you?

Am I teaching my family what God says or what I think He should have said.

How do you teach your children the Bible?

We are told to teach our children at all times about His Word and I don’t always live up to that. Things get in the way or I let my own problems and worries take me away from this responsibility. Remember men and women. That husband or that wife, those children are a gift from God and He has given them to us because He trusts us enough to let us borrow them to love and cherish. But we are also responsible for them.

 Let them learn just how good and gracious the Lord is in our lives.



Genesis 3:11


“Who told you that you were naked?”


Adam and Eve had taken the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They had given in to the temptation from the serpent and now their eyes wer opened. Now they knew what sin was. They knew what it meant to be against God, to be out of fellowship with Him.

They now had knowledge but it was not the kind of knowledge that God wanted them to know. This was not the knowledge that they would have gained by just being with God, having the right fellowship with Him. They wanted what they didn’t need. They wanted to be like God. They felt that He was holding something back from them, and actually He was, and they wanted it no matter the cost.

So they took the easy way. They took what seemed to be a short cut, if you will and now they were completely in sin, but we can’t beat them up.

When God placed Adam in the garden, He supplied everything for him. Adam lived in complete existence with God. He didn’t need anything, but something had to happen. God placed man in the garden, He supplied for his every need, yet something was missing, and the tree was a symbol for it. Man needed to make a choice otherwise how could man have free will. God placed the tree in the garden and told Adam not to eat the fruit from it. Now there is no way to guess just how many probable different trees that were in the garden or the probable endless variety of fruit for Adam and his wife. Man now had to make a choice. Either it was for God or for his own needs, his own wants and man made that choice.

The serpent told them “You will be like God! You will know what God knows!”

“You will know what He is hiding from you!”

So they took the fruit and they ate it and now their eyes were wide open yet now they were blinded by sin and now they were dying and headed for eternal seperation from God.


How do we know sin?


Through the Law.

The Law is the knowledge of sin.

Romans 3:20

We know sin through the Law.


The Law revives sin

Romans 7:5


The Law strengthens sin

1 Corinthians 15:56


and now every man and woman born from Adam and Eve on is born under sin and marked for death.


 We can’t get mad at Adam or blame them because we would have done the same thing or maybe even worse for that matter, the point is that God knew what choice man would make even though man has free will. He knows the end from the beginning and He supplied a Lamb for us. Jesus Christ is called the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


The curse of the tree; the curse on the tree

Now we are in sin, we are not only like the serpent in that we are against God because of sin. We are snakes of sin and we have not only been infected by the venom of transgression we are the snakes because we are sin and we have no way of saving ourselves because we don’t have the antidote.

We are made free from the Law through Jesus Christ(Romans 8:2-4)

1 Peter 2:24

Notice that in Scripture that the cross is called a tree (Galatians 3:10-13)

Jesus came to this earth to die for us. He came to redeem us from the curse of the Law. He became sin, He became a curse for us.

Read John 3:14-18

and Numbers 21:4-9

The children of Israel had been saved by God. He had taken them out of Egypt. He had supplied their way and their provisions, but they continued to complain and whine. So God gives them something to complain about. He sends snakes among them. Fiery snakes (this either refers to their color or the burning of their venom) Many people were bit and many died. They came to Moses and exclaimed “We have sinned against God! Please pray for us and ask God to take these snakes away!” So Moses prayed and God told him to make a serpent and set it upon a pole and anyone who looked at the serpent on the pole would be saved from death.


The Law is like the snakes venom. It teaches us a lesson. Paul calls the Law our schoolmaster (Galatians 3:24-25) The Law is there to make us realize that we are sinners and that we are in need of a Savior because we can’t save ourselves.

And like the children of Israel looked to the serpent on the pole, the snake of sin, we need to look to Jesus (Who became sin for us) because He is the only way to salvation. Jesus took many things for us on the cross.

He took our sins. He became sin for us.

He took our suffering. The suffering that we deserved.

He took our separation. The separation that we were destined for

He took it all for us when He was nailed to the cross.

He heals the death, the sting of sin, but that is just the beginning.

Jesus Christ lives!!! He is not dead. He was raised up from the grave and He lives at the Fathers’ Right Hand. And we live now because He lives. When you accept Jesus as your savior, you are freed from the sting of sin and the hurt of death. He gives us newness of Life. Accept His payment for your sins today and live through Him. Praise the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!



Four lessons from the fig leaves and the fact that God coated them with skins:


1) Man must have adequate covering to approach God.

You can’t come to God on the basis of your good works. You must come just as you are, a sinner

Luke 18:9-14

2) Fig leaves are unacceptable

They are homemade and God does not take a homemade garment

3) God must provide the covering

4) The covering is obtained only through Jesus Christ

John 14:6


He attempts (at last) to hide himself from God (Genesis 3:8) Psalms 139:7


Notice the temptation comes from an outside source. they were not created with a sin nature and they had no reason to know of sin. They had only the ability to choose not to sin and it was the choice to sin that was all the more despicable. This brought on the sin nature of man. Now I have something within me that likes to sin. It isn’t that the devil makes us do anything, it is that we want to


You will be like God 

The serpent actually told them the truth. Their eyes were opened but their ability to freely communicate and fellowship with God was disrupted (Genesis 3:8) and he hid from God. The carnal natural man wants to hide from the light (John 3:19-20)


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I am a father of 2 wonderful children and the husband of a beautiful woman who has taught me more about compassion for goofballs than I could have ever learned. I have know Jesus for many years but about 5 years ago I truly met Him and now I do my best to follow Him as I walk in this world
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