Matthew 6:6

  1. A trustful father

Acts 16:16-34

The Jailer

We all know this story; Paul and Silas are in prison. They had been beaten and placed in what some have described as their hands and feet shackled together, making the pain that much more unbearable. Yet they were singing and praising God all the while (there is a sermon there).

Suddenly, there is a great earthquake and the doors are opened, and the prisoner’s chains fell off, (God really gets this man’s attention) and Paul stops him as he is preparing to commit suicide because he would surely be killed if all those prisoners had escaped.

Had he heard them singing?

Did he already know of their reputations?

Were their reputations that much more cemented by the fact that they as well as all the prisoners were still there (v28 “We are all here”)

On that day this man stepped out of the darkness and into the Light. How do we know he was a saved man? He took Paul and Silas home with him.

This was a man who yielded his heart to Jesus!

I’ll admit that when I was imagining this whole episode while I was reading it, I was amazed, not at the earthquake, or the shackles falling off the prisoners. These are wondrous things, but God was pointing me to the jailer. I saw this man taking Paul and Silas home. I saw him sharing his experience with his family. I watched as he and his family listened to Paul and Silas as they explained the price Jesus Christ paid for them, and I saw them all come to this saving grace.

This man went home a believer and his whole family believed because of him.

What a leader!

What a trust this family had toward this loving father.

Can I be that kind of leader?

Can my family trust me enough in Christ to lead them and know that I can take care of them in Him?

This family followed him because they could trust him.

Does my family know that I am going to God with our problems and needs?

Am I listening to God for counsel when it comes to my family?

Can I be that mind of leader?

What an example!


How do we know he was truly saved?

He washed their stripes.

He took them in.

He fed them.

Can I be that kind of servant leader?

Can I teach my children that I practice what I preach?

Can I show that kind of humble leadership?

Or do I act like the disciples?

Jesus washed all their feet, even Judas, when they wouldnot do it because it would mean someone else might look better than they did.

How many times am I like that?

Am I giving my life, my all to Christ so that it is plainly seen in my everyday life?

I tell you it fills me with great awe at the responsibility that God has blessed me with, even though it does scare me a little.

  1. A tearful father

Mark 9:14-29

Here was a father with a problem at home with his child. How very helpless he must have felt. The boy had been that way for some time and I am sure this father was at his wit’s end.

He was broken. I am sure, if given the chance, he would have taken his sons place in a minute. He had come to Jesus for help. What could have been going through his mind when the disciples couldn’t help him? He must have been literally on his knees.

This was a man who had yielded his family to Jesus

Do I have enough faith to watch my children go through something and know that God is working for the good?

Even when things look bleak?

Can I truly trust God?

Can I give my family to God?

Can I let go of the control and give them to God?

  1. A thankful father

Matthew 4:18-22

All of the men mentioned here would have to have permission from their father before they just left the business. They would have only gone out with their father’s blessing.

This man Zebedee had yielded his business to Jesus.

But better yet,

This man yielded his sons to Jesus

Again, can I let go?

Can I yield my business, my work, my life, my family, and my all to Christ?

Can I be the father God wants me to be?

Can I be the husband He wants me to be?

Can I be the servant leader He wants me to be?

Children mimic their parents.

Picture this:

A man sitting in his sofa reading the Sunday paper. The door swinging open and his wife and 2 young children come filing in. His wife takes the children to church because the husband just couldn’t ever get into it. Besides, he could enjoy the peace and quiet while they were gone. He deserved it because he worked hard all week. His son comes running up and is barely listened to as he tells his father what he learned that day. Now picture that wild young boy running up the stares, and after a few seconds you hear a loud clomping coming down those same stairs. Now the father pays attention. “What are you doing there, Billy?” “I want to follow in you footsteps” Billy exclaims. That father got right up and went to the bedroom and gave his heart to God.

What kind of shoes am I leaving to be filled?

These shoes we have as fathers are some big shoes to fill. I had to really be honest and question myself. I just hope it has blessed you as much as it did me.

I pray that I fill these shoes I am blessed with the way God wants me to. I will pray for you so please pray for me.

About Clint Rodgers

I am a father of 2 wonderful children and the husband of a beautiful woman who has taught me more about compassion for goofballs than I could have ever learned. I have know Jesus for many years but about 5 years ago I truly met Him and now I do my best to follow Him as I walk in this world
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