Genesis Chapter 2: Part 1

More theories concerning the first part of Genesis:

A common hypothesis among biblical scholars is that the first major draft of the Pentateuch was composed in the late 7th or 6th Century BC by one source (Yahwist) and that this was later expanded upon by other authors (Priestly source), this is supported in their hypothesis by the different Names given to God.  They divide the first part of Genesis into two parts.  In the first part, Genesis 1:1-2:3, Eliohim, the generic Hebrew word for God, creates the world through spoken commands.  In the second part, Yahweh, the personal name of God, shapes the first man from dust.  Many believe that the Genesis account is simply a modified version of the Mesopotamian mythological creation account, called the Enuma Elish, but changing it into a monotheistic one.

What this has done is open the door for many to speculate.  One such speculation is the Gnostic idea that the God of the Old Testament, an evil, angry God is a different, or lesser God than the loving, forgiving true God from the New Testament.  In this doctrine, man is trapped in a sinful body and the only way to escape is through the knowledge (Logos) of the divine spark that exists in man.  This logos or light was given to man through none other than the serpent in the garden of Eden.

Another speculation is that the creation of man in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 are actually two separate creation accounts.  In the first Adam is created, but according to the Alphabet of Ben Sira, as well as the Genesis Rabbah, Eve might have had a predecessor known as Lillith.  The Alphabet text places Lilith’s creation after God’s words in Genesis 2:18 that “it is not good for man to be alone”; in this text God forms Lilith out of the clay from which he made Adam but she and Adam bicker. Lilith claims that since she and Adam were created in the same way they were equal and she refuses to submit to him.

“The Divine resolution to bestow a companion on Adam met the wishes of man, who had been overcome by a feeling of isolation when the animals came to him in pairs to be named. To banish his loneliness, Lilith was first given to Adam as wife. Like him she had been created out of the dust of the ground. But she remained with him only a short time, because she insisted upon enjoying full equality with her husband. She derived her rights from their identical origin. With the help of the Ineffable Name, which she pronounced, Lilith flew away from Adam, and vanished in the air. Adam complained before God that the wife He had given him had deserted him, and God sent forth three angels to capture her. They found her in the Red Sea, and they sought to make her go back with the threat that, unless she went, she would lose a hundred of her demon children daily by death. But Lilith preferred this punishment to living with Adam. She takes her revenge by injuring babes–baby boys during the first night of their life, while baby girls are exposed to her wicked designs until they are twenty. days old The only way to ward off the evil is to attach an amulet bearing the names of her three angel captors to the children, for such had been the agreement between them.”
The Legends of the Jews By Louis Ginzberg [1909]

These ideas still have a way to reach our generation.

The lesser/true God idea still holds today for some in certain Gnostic systems.  Lillith known today in folklore as a succubus, is worshiped by many occult, magical groups to this day.


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