Exodus 14:1-20 Learning to follow the Lord

1And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before Pihahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, over against Baalzephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea.

3 For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in.

4 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, that he shall follow after them; and I will be honoured upon Pharaoh, and upon all his host; that the Egyptians may know that I am the Lord. And they did so.

5 And it was told the king of Egypt that the people fled: and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people, and they said, Why have we done this, that we have let Israel go from serving us?

6 And he made ready his chariot, and took his people with him:

7 And he took six hundred chosen chariots, and all the chariots of Egypt, and captains over every one of them.

8 And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pursued after the children of Israel: and the children of Israel went out with an high hand.

9 But the Egyptians pursued after them, all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen, and his army, and overtook them encamping by the sea, beside Pihahiroth, before Baalzephon.

10 And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes, and, behold, the Egyptians marched after them; and they were sore afraid: and the children of Israel cried out unto the Lord.

11 And they said unto Moses, Because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? wherefore hast thou dealt thus with us, to carry us forth out of Egypt?

12 Is not this the word that we did tell thee in Egypt, saying, Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians? For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.

13 And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.

14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

15 And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward:

16 But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.

17 And I, behold, I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, and they shall follow them: and I will get me honour upon Pharaoh, and upon all his host, upon his chariots, and upon his horsemen.

18 And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I have gotten me honour upon Pharaoh, upon his chariots, and upon his horsemen.

19 And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:

20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.

Not sure if Moses’ words in verse 13 and 14 were before the Lords’ response but it is telling either way. If Moses was speaking to the people before hearing from God then I can completely relate. He seems to be a leader in charge in telling the people what is about to happen, yet inside he is crying out for help from the Lord.

He was a man who was getting a thrashing from both sides:

From Egypt – God had seemingly lead them into trap. They were boxed in and there seemed no way of getting out of this situation. He and the people could probably see the large cloud of dust getting closer as well as hearing the horses and the yelling from their captors.

From the people of Israel – They had seen the wonders of God in Egypt but now their anger towards Him and their situation was aimed at one man who had led them into certain death.

It would seem that all through his empowering speech, Moses was crying out to God.

God had one message for him:

“Why are you crying to me? Stop praying and MOVE!”

The hardest thing for us to do sometimes is to stop praying about a situation and get to moving. Especially when the Lord has already given us our marching orders. In a time of getting things now and as quickly as we want we have developed short attention spans and our trouble comes from that most of the time because usually the command comes long before the trouble starts and we tend to lose faith, especially when times are harder than we expected or the Lords’ plans don’t line up with what we thought.

Our goal must be to follow the pillar in our lives. We must learn to follow Christ and discern when to stop and pray and when to move, just as Israel were learning with the cloud and fire.

Why did the Lord box in His children?

1. To see His power

We will never know the power of God until we have exhausted our own strength in trouble

2. To experience His presence

No matter what the situation or trouble we find ourselves, even when the Lord is silent and we can’t feel Him, He is always working behind the scenes and we eventually feel and see what He is doing.

3. To show His preeminence

The world will see God through the outcome of your situation. It might mean loss in some way, it might be uncomfortable, but those in the world will see God through your walk with Him. Remember we exist for God, He does not exist for us. If He leads you He will protect and provide for you.

It may not be the way you would think but His way is always the perfect way


About Clint Rodgers

I am a father of 2 wonderful children and the husband of a beautiful woman who has taught me more about compassion for goofballs than I could have ever learned. I have know Jesus for many years but about 5 years ago I truly met Him and now I do my best to follow Him as I walk in this world
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