Exodus 20: 3-6 The Second Word Part 1: No Other gods Part 3

The counterfeit gospel, or Mystery Babylon, began in the Garden of Eden with a lie from Satan. This began the quest for the hidden true wisdom of God, as well as the concept of man’s self-worship as well as the worship of Satan through Lucifer. 

This belief system has always existed and it’s tenets are briefly explain in this way:

The god that we know of as Jehovah in Scripture, especially in the Old Testament, is an evil, blind, tribal emanation named Adonai, the deluge, or Yaldabaoth from the Sophia, the divine feminine or what came to be known as The Queen of Heaven. Sophia was also an emanation from the Monad, the One, or the god of the New Testament. This great force had three emotions:


The Christ Spirit

And Lucifer 

Proponents of this system believe that this evil god, who held great contempt for mankind, trapped his spirit in the flesh. Man has a divine spark inside that can only be triggered by greater knowledge of the true god through their guardian angels or ascended masters. 

Lucifer or as some see him, Jesus, came to mankind and gave him knowledge in order to free him from this evil world. 

They see Lucifer as equal or greater god than the false creator god.  There are numerous accounts and myths concerning this story but this brief synopsis is the general storyline. 

Keep the Queen of Heaven and Guardian Angels in the back of your mind because we will define these terms in a few paragraphs. 

The Mystery Religion is developed even more in Genesis chapter 6 through the episode of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Man. 

Some see this as the line of Seth and daughters of Cain. Some say these Sons of God were fallen angels who possessed men. Some say they are fallen angels who physically came down to have sexual relationships with mortal women. 

I tend to lean towards the latter from verses by Jude and Peter about angels leaving their first estate or habitation. 

Another clue is the fact that these relationships brought about giant offspring called Nephilim or fallen ones. Whomever wrote the books of Enoch seems to have the same idea. 

It claims these angels are what Daniel called the Watchers, and lists all there names. These watchers came for two things:

To muddle the line of the Messiah as well as to teach mankind sorcery, occult hidden knowledge, and how to make war. 

This knowledge found its way to Alexandria where some of the displaced Israelis picked it up. This is probably where the Kabbalah developed if not in the Babylonian exile but we do know that the Babylonian Talmud had a big effect on Jewish theology 

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