Exodus Part 2 – The Exodus of Moses

The Exodus of Moses

Part 2

The school of discipline

Exodus 2:14

From Memphis to Median

Memphis – The court of the King of Egypt

Moses thought everything was finished but God had not even begun to work in his life. He had not been aligned with God’s time when he killed the Egyptian. He had to wait for God’s time, the right time.

God had to tuck him away in the desert to learn because there are some things we can only learn from experience

The ways of the desert

Moses is 40 years old

God has to train him in the ways of the desert so that he will be able to eventually take care of the Israelites as they travel during their long period of wandering

The work of the shepherd

He had to learn to lead. He had to learn to have a shepherd’s heart

God had to do something with Moses’s heart and it was going to take time

God is teaching Moses to be patient. Scripture does not say whether or not he heard from God for 40 years

Do we feel that way?

We all have hurts and sometimes it feels like God is nowhere to be seen but we must make sure that He is where He needs to be in our hearts. Moses may not have heard from him or felt his presence in His life but we know that He was at work and that He never left Moses side

Moses spent 40 years thinking he was somebody

40 years in the palace of pharaoh

Moses turns 40 and realizes he had been living a life of luxury

while his people had been abused

Moses spent 40 years finding out he was a nobody

40 years in the desert

Acts 7:30-36

Moses spent 40 years finding out what God could do with nobody

40 years carrying out God’s will to deliver His people

Acts 7:37-43

We must be careful to do God’s work in God’s way in God’s time for God’s purpose and reason

Exodus 2:15-3:1

After Moses had cut all ties to Egypt, his world began to spiral wildly out of control

(v23) 1447 B.C. – Thutmose III is dead

He is succeeded by Amenhotep II (1447-1421 B.C.)

As the borders of Egypt faded into his history and now Moses faced the barren wilderness. How unprepared he must have been. How unimportant he must have felt. He must have felt like a failure .

Moses had just made an important decision in his life. He had already severed ties to his old life and decided to follow his God and deliver his people but they rejected him

Now his world had fallen apart

Hebrew 11:25

He had done all this through faith. He had the right intentions but he carried them out the wrong way

He had trusted God

Now his world has come down around him. It seemed that everything after that was a wrong decision

His destiny was slowly going to change

He had been trained in Egypt and everything he knew was in Egypt but now he finds himself facing a bleak future that seems to have no end. No real rhyme or reason

What would we do?

Would we say “God where are you?”

Where are you in all this?

I put my faith, my whole trust in You. Now look where I am

He had expected that God would deliver the Israelites by his hand and that is what he was prepared to do, or so he thought. Sometimes we have a faulty view of God’s will. God could have delivered the Israelites then and there if He wanted to but the children of Israel would have died quickly in the wilderness without someone who knew the desert

All Moses knew was privilege but Moses can do now is commit every day to God

He doesn’t realize it but he has entered God’s school of discipline

What are some of our reactions to God’s school of discipline?

We never like it, but it is always for our good. He allows us to experience things so we will be prepared for the future

Philippians 1:3-7

God wants to make us His way – perfect – like Christ and He uses His school of discipline to nudge us toward His perfection but it takes His time and it goes His way. The only thing we can do is control our reaction to our circumstances

We either become bitter or better

For 40 years – scripture does not say whether Moses heard anything from God. From this time till the burning bush

But God was still there

He never left Moses’ side

What can we learn from Moses first 40 years?

There are 4 different descriptions in this passage that explain how God is there for Moses. In each episode God is ministering to Moses in a wonderful way but in such a way that Moses as well as ourselves sometimes don’t see

Remember: The will of God involves 1,001 little decisions

By a well

Exodus 2:15

Moses and his failure

He has just trekked across the desert and now he has come to a well. We come to a two fold view of Moses here

A) A sense of failure

It is difficult to think good of oneself when we feel we are a failure. Moses had been willing to follow and trust God and now he was in the middle of the desert

Did I make the right decision in serving God?

He has now found himself totally stripped of everything he knew. All that made him feel safe and secure. How could one single act of anger hurt him and change the rest of his life?

Why are You picking on me God?

Others do much much more and You don’t seem to be punishing them

Why are You chastising me so much?

Ever asked any of these questions?

I have

B) A sense of fatigue

He is tired and when we become tired we seldom make good decisions


1 Kings 17

He had stood in triumph over the 450 prophets of Baal. God had listened to his prayers and sent fire down from heaven to consume the alter he had made from Elijah’s word. His trust in God had paid off. He was riding high until he gets home and finds out Jezebel wants to kill him so he flees for his life. He tells God “I quit, I’ve had it” when he realizes that the people were not going to change from their evil ways. He wanted to die

What Moses doesn’t realize is that He is by this well through God’s divine appointment

In a tent

Exodus 2:21

Moses and his family

God has brought a new horizon into the life of Moses. He is surrounded by new people and he has now become something he never thought he would have become. A shepherd. He has a new home and he is now surrounded by people who love and accept him. He is settling into a normal life

The most bitter experience for Moses had to be the rejection of his people. He must have been deeply hurt

When we get hurt, as Christians, we either change churches or we leave church all together and take ourselves away from the fellowship we need but If we could all see through the eyes of Jesus we would not have so many problems with others

In the desert

Exodus 3:1

Moses and his flock

He has now become what he despised. The Egyptians hated shepherds. God was preparing Moses to understand the ways of the desert. Something he never could have learned in Egypt and little by little He is preparing and teaching Moses

Moses was learning new principles as well as leaving the past behind

At the mountain

Exodus 3:1

Moses and his future

God has a mountain for all of us. A plan of divine appointment and here is where God brings Moses full circle

Remember: God has our whole being. Everything, what we own, us in totality, He has our future in His hands

Job 1:6-12, 42:12-17

God has been taking care of Moses even when he didn’t see it or feel it. I heard someone say that when we don’t feel that God is there, when we don’t feel Him working in our lives, it is because He is right beside us working ON us.

If we receive a failing grade in the test that God is putting us through or if we don’t learn from it then we have to go through it again until it reaches home to us

All the while God is loving and leading Moses as He learns in the desert all those years

He has gone through God’s school of discipline

And now he is slowly aligning himself to God’s time

In God’s school of discipline


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