Exodus Part 3 – The Exodus of Moses

The Exodus of Moses

Part 3

Acts 7:17-36

40 years have transpired from Moses’ flight into the wilderness to where he is now

God is revealing Himself to Moses through the bush

Exodus 3:1-4

Now Moses has come to the mountain of God

Deuteronomy 33:16

Horeb – another name for Mount Sinai

It means “desolate place” yet, because of the presence of God, it became holy

Usually the site is identified as Jebel el-musa, a mountain in the southern Sinai peninsula. Moses had turned his back on Egypt to follow God. He had become a shepherd and settled into a normal life and the deliverance for his people had probably long since disappeared from his mind

Now he is 80 years old

We all come to those mountains in our lives where we see the work of God when we look back but we don’t or can’t see them while they are happening sometimes

God had heard His people’s agony and now He is approaching Moses

God always deals with us personally when He approaches us

Where is Moses in his life?

He is alone

We usually think we can in a way hide from God, either in a group at church or elsewhere. What we have to realize is that God is more interested in you or I instead of what we are doing. He is interested in a relationship and not a religion

For God so loved the world (me, you)

Ephesians 5:1-2

I am a part of the church

Galatians 2:20

I am crucified with Christ

Moses is alone in the backside of the desert but God is preparing to start things in progress

A bush burning

A man learning

A people yearning

There are 3 problems God must overcome in Moses life so he could do God’s will. These are also things He must overcome in our lives In order for us to be who He wants us to be. In order to serve where He wants us to

Getting Moses interested

He must capture the interest of Moses

The angel appeared in a flaming bush and Moses stopped to see it (Notice it says that God spoke only after Moses decided to look at the bush, a burning bush was an all too common thing in the desert but not one that was not consumed)

The difficulty here is that Moses had spent so much time in the desert (40 years) that he probably would have lost his enthusiasm for what he had started out to do

He had gone from a city dweller to a nomad who lived in tents and his burning desire for God could have dwindled

2 Timothy 1:6

We need to fan the fire

The biggest difficulty for God is to get us to see with our spiritual eyes because most of us are like the church in Rev 3:17-18 and we are blind to the things of God

How does God get our interest?

He begins by stirring the heart of one person and what an unlikely person it must seem to be. He had been out there for 40 years. He was old and probably forgotten his old life

Giving Moses instruction

So we can understand who God is

Getting Moses involved

To actually put our feet in motion and do His will for our lives

our business is to be available for God to work in our lives and not sweat the small stuff.

Moses business

Moses was now rearing a family and we all experience the same things in our lives


small children

He is busy, happy with his simple life, content and what God had to do was shake him from his busy life

Moses bareness

It had been a long time since he had heard from or spoken with God

He spent 40 years learning to be something

He spent 40 years learning he was nothing

He spent 40 years proving that God is everything

He must have had some bitter scars left from his first experience with the idea of deliverance for his people

He chose such an unlike unlikely person

He chose an 80 year old man

Jesus spent 30 years of His life on this earth before He began His ministry

He chose such an unexpected place

Moses did not expect to have a meeting with God in the desert

We are sometimes found on the backside of the desert in our lives

In a most unusual process

God used a burning bush to revealing Himself to Moses

Are we ablaze for God?

Can people see it?

God usually uses the ordinary things in life to awaken us to spiritual things

He speaks to us in many different ways

For such an unforgettable purpose

430 years had transpired from the time of Joseph until now (Genesis 15:13)

Exodus 12:41

We usually wait until the last minute to call out to God for help

God had heard the call of His people and now He was going to deliver them and He was going to use this man. Moses had been going through the training of God and like him we find that the training ground of God is lengthy and very obscure

We don’t always see what God is doing until after we see the need that He has called us for and we never really know how each experience is being used by God for our training

Acts 7:22

Moses was an extremely educated man. A man of power in speech and deeds

Acts 7:25

Moses thought the children of Israel would understand that he was to be their deliverer. He knew what God had called him to do but not when God called for it. God’s calling may not be for the immediate. He had called Moses 40 years ago and he had thought that he was supposed to deliver his people  right then and there

We should always remember that just because God has called us now does not mean that our character is ready

Now Moses is giving God reasons why he isn’t the right man for the job

He is now offering excusesto God.

We sometimes give excuses in the same way because we don’t think that we can do something or we really don’t want to do it.

I’m not good enough

Exodus 3:11

Who am I?

I’m a nobody

He must have been second guessing himself and his calling because he had not known failure in Egypt and now he thinks he can do nothing

Is God powerful enough to use Moses (us)?

Exodus 3:12

God’s promise “I will be with you”

“If I send you – I will sustain you and help you”

He is telling Moses “You will have a successful ministry”

We need to be careful how we measure success

Success in God’s terms is not the same as the worlds

Revelation 5:9-10

Always remember that if I want to know my value I don’t look at my reflection or at my brother

Look at the cross!!!!!

John 3:16

I don’t know enough

Exodus 3:13

Who are You?

Here God unveils a very special name to Moses

“I AM that I AM”

Here we are introduced to His name – Jehovah – Yahweh – YHWH

When the people want to know who sent you tell them I AM sent you

I will direct your steps

I have filled your mouth with My words

When we speak of God we say “He is”

He is the only true God

“I AM” is an incomplete statement

I AM your sufficiency

I AM your strength

I’m not confident enough

Exodus 4:1

I am not confident enough

40 years before Moses had thought that he was ready to deliver his people

He was ready to be used by God but now he did not know if he was ready to fail again

He is saying “I went to them and they rejected me!”

“Will they reject me again?”

Now he doesn’t have confidence and he is afraid of failure

I’m not gifted enough

Exodus 4:10

They won’t believe me!

God says “What do you have in your hand?”

The first 2 signs given to Moses came in response to his faulty faith

A) The rod

An indication of the presence of God

God will not leave you if He has called you and he will not leave you empty handed

The rod became the authority of God to Moses

He took the rod with him everywhere he went and through the rod God lets Moses know that He will be with him everywhere  no matter what people said

B) The leprous hand

The power of God

This was the same hand that had put down the rod

God is letting Moses know that He can change our circumstances no matter what the situation

C) Water to blood

The purpose of God

His purpose was to bring judgment on Egypt and deliver His people

The blood of the firstborn (Egypt)

The blood of redemption (Israel)

I AM with you

My Presence will enable My power for you and I will bring My purpose to Israel

The serpent was a profound figure of worship in Egypt

The Nile River was a central point of Egypt

God is going to overthrow and overcome all of the difficulties of Israel

and bring judgment to Egypt

I’m not interested enough

Exodus 4:13

Exodus 5:22

The heat is on after Moses and Aaron had gone back to Egypt and now Pharaoh had put more pressure on Israel

Moses is saying “I told You so, God”

Notice that God did not speak to Moses until he turned aside to look at the bush

How many burning bushes have we walked past or ignored?

Because we are too worried with this world or our own problems

What would have happened if Moses didn’t stop to look?

God spoke when He saw Moses take the effort


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