The Exodus of Moses Part 4

Exodus 4:2

“What is in your hand?”

A friend of mine asked me this question not too long ago. I had actually been doing the same thing that Moses had because I felt that I was not qualified to teach a Bible study.

Moses had done what he thought was right at the beginning of this story. He knew that God was going to deliver the children of Israel by Moses and he thought that it was right then. He acts abruptly and kills an Egyptian and to add insult to injury, his people reject him. Moses would soon learn that God would be using him in a much different way to deliver Israel.

Now we see Moses in the dessert. He had spent 40 years in this isolated place thinking that he had been a failure and a fool, a nobody and what he had once believed about himself had vanished into the distance like the rest of the life he had once known.

Yet now God was coming to him and telling him “I want you! I want to use you!” and at one time Moses would have jumped up and done exactly what was asked of him, but now things had changed. Now he had a different answer for God. Once he had known exactly what God had wanted him to do, or so he thought, and now he was not so sure if he knew anything at all and he begins to give some excuses to God. Excuses as to why God should not or could not use him. The amazing thing in all this is the fact that we still use the same excuses today.

I’m not good enough

Exodus 3:11

Who am I?

I’m a nobody. You can’t use me God. I am too much of a sinner. I don’t pray enough. I am not the same person. Moses must have been second guessing himself and his calling because he had not known failure in Egypt and now he is under the impression that God can do nothing with him. Do we do this? Have you ever thought this? I have. But God has a different view of you and I

Is God powerful enough to use Moses (us)?

Exodus 3:12

Here, in this verse we see God’s promise to Moses and to us. “I will be with you, If I send you – I will sustain you and help you” He is telling Moses “You will have a successful ministry”<

We need to be careful how we measure success

Success in God’s terms is not the same as the worlds. We might see things as a huge failure, but God sees a chance to build us up. He sees a way to help us grow and to learn to trust in Him.  (Revelation 5:9-10)

Always remember that if I want to know my value I don’t look at my reflection or at my brother.

I need to look at the cross!!!!!

John 3:16

I don’t know enough

Exodus 3:13

Who are You?

If I go to them, they won’t believe me. They will think that I am crazy. They won’t listen to me. Here God unveils a very special name to Moses “I AM that I AM” and here we are introduced to His name – Jehovah – Yahweh – YHWH “When the people want to know who sent you tell them I AM sent you.”

I will direct your steps

I have filled your mouth with My words

When we speak of God we say “He is”

He is the only true God

“I AM” is an incomplete statement because He is everything to the believer. We could in a sense leave a blank after ‘I AM” and fill it up with anything because He is our strength. He is our help. He sustains us and He keeps us (Romans 8:28)

I AM your sufficiency

I AM your strength

I’m not confident enough

Exodus 4:1

I am not confident enough

40 years before Moses had thought that he was ready to deliver his people and he was ready to be used by God, but now he did not know if he was ready to fail again. He is saying “I went to them and they rejected me!”

“Will they reject me again?”

All the confidence that he had once had is gone and he is afraid of failing.

I’m not gifted enough

Exodus 4:10

They won’t believe me!

God says “What do you have in your hand?”

The first 2 signs given to Moses came in response to his faulty faith

A) The rod

An indication of the presence of God

God will not leave you if He has called you and he will not leave you empty handed

The rod became the authority of God to Moses

He took the rod with him everywhere he went and through the rod God lets Moses know that He will be with him everywhere he goes no matter what people said to him.

All authority is in Christ Matthew 28:18.

We have the authority of God through the death of Jesus and in much the same way, we have His presence through the Holy Spirit. We receive the Spirit when we are saved. Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we might live. He died so that we would have life and a life more abundantly.

B) The leprous hand

The power of God

This was the same hand that had put down the rod. God can change our circumstances no matter what the situation. Jesus healed leprosy in the Gospels and each healing was not only for the sick but also to glorify God. He heals the leprosy of sin in our lives today. He makes us whole through His death and resurrection. Death loses it sting when eternal death is taken away.

We receive power from God when we are filled with the Spirit for ministry (Acts 1:8) This power is for the glory of God because the Spirit does not come to speak on His own behalf, but only to glorify Jesus! (John 16:5-15)

C) Water to blood

The purpose of God

His purpose was to bring judgment on Egypt and deliver His people

We see the blood of the firstborn (Egypt) and we see the blood of redemption (Israel)

I AM with you

My Presence will enable My power for you and I will bring My purpose to Israel

The serpent was a profound figure of worship in Egypt and the Nile River was a central point of Egypt. God was getting ready to overthrow and overcome all of the difficulties of Israel and at the same time  bring judgment to Egypt.

Jesus Christ became a serpent for us. He became a serpent of sin, so to speak (John 3:16-21) and He took our sin, our shame, our death, our hell, and our separation from God and He paid the price for us. Now we have a new relationship with the Father. A relationship that can only come through faith in Jesus. A faith that accepts the price He paid. A faith that turns from sin and accepts Him as Savior. God sees us through His precious blood that was shed for you and for me. Revelation 1:5

We are reconciled through His blood Ephesians 2:13

We are brought closer to the Father through His blood – 1 Peter 1:2

We are cleansed through His blood – 1 John 1:7

Notice that God had already let Moses know what was going to happen. (Exodus 3:12)

How many times have we argued with God?

How many times have we just ignored that bush in our own lives?

Do you feel like you are not qualified to minister, to preach, or just to help out in some way? We need to look in our own lives and remember that what we need or what we think we are lacking is already there, in our hearts and in our hands. All God wants from us is trust and obedience. Trust Him today and let Him have His way in your life. You won’t regret it. Moses didn’t!!!


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